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The average temperature of fires can reach 600° to 800°C. In extreme cases, the temperature may rise to 1000°C.

Fire resistant products are made to ensure that the inside temperature of the safe or cabinet does not exceed the temperature at which paper or data will be damaged. At a temperature of 175°C paper can be damaged or even perish. The critical limit for magnetic data is about 50°C, however digital media such as CD’s/DVD’s/USB drives is higher, similar to paper. Data safes also provide protection against moisture, dust and soot particles. There are several fire resistant safes, cabinets and data boxes available, which provide perfect protection against fire and theft for your documents and data.

DIN 4102

Products in the DIN 4102 category are double walled and filled with a fire resistant insulation. DIN 4102 is a construction standard, which means these units are not specifically tested for fire resistance within safes and cabinets. DIN 4102 cabinets provide limited protection to paper from fire for a short time.

Fire Tests

If you want the best protection against fire, you should choose one of the tested products from our range. Fire tests are carried out at independent testing institutes in several countries to ensure the products do exactly what we claim they do.

There are several fire protection standards to which a product can be tested and the cabinets are tested at prescribed temperatures. Some standards also include a drop test which ensures the protective effect is not adversely affected if a fire resistant cabinet falls through a storey floor during a fire. The fire resistance is expressed in time (minutes) followed by P for paper indicating how long a fire resistant cabinet would protect the contents in a fire.

The Most Common Fire Resistant Tests

EN 1047-1 (S60P or S120P for paper)
1 or 2 hours fire resistant up to approx. 1090°C
Drop test 9.15 metres

LFS (EN 15659) (LFS30 or LFS60 for paper)
30min or 1 hour fire resistant up to approx. 850°C
No drop test

NT Fire 017-60P or 90P or 120P for paper
1, 1 ½ or 2 hours fire resistant up to approx. 1090°C
No drop test

UL 72 (UL) class 350 for paper
30mins, 1 or 2 hours fire resistant up to approx. 1010°C
Drop test 9 metres

S 1037-12 (JIS) (60P or 120P for paper)
1 or 2 hours fire resistant up to approx. 840°C
Drop test 4 metres

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