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Fire resistance

Fire resistant products are made to ensure that the inside temperature of the safe or cabinet does not exceed the temperature at which paper or data will be damaged. At a temperature of 175C paper can be damaged or even perish.
If you want to have your documents protected in case of a fire, we recommend you buy a safe with a tested fire protection for paper. 

The critical limit for digital and magnetic data is about 50C. For this, data media safes are developed. This kind of safes not only protect against fire, they are also protection against moisture, dust and soot particles.

The most common tests are:

·      EN 1047-1 (S60P and S120P for paper / S60DIS and S120DIS for data.
1 or 2 hour fire test at a temperature up to 1090 C and a drop test of  9,15 meter.

·      EN 15659 Light Fire Safe (LFS) (LFS30P and LFS60P for paper)
30 min or 1 hour fire test at a temperature up to 850 C. No drop test.

·      NT Fire 017 (60P, 90P and 120P for paper / 60DIS, 90DIS and 120DIS for data)
1, 1 ½ or 2 hour fire test up to 927 C. No drop test.

·      UL 72 (class 350 for paper / class 125 for data)
30 min, 1 or 2 hour fire test at a temperature of  1090 C and a drop test of 9 meter.


This is a construction norm. The products are double walled with a fire insulation in between. These products are not tested and just offers a first protection against fire.

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