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Strong rooms

With the use of the modular concept it is now possible to create a strongroom in each space. There are as good as no limits to the measurements of the strongrooms. The strongrooms are available in two different basic versions; the screwed and the welded version.

The screwed version has a lot of benefits. The screwed version of the strongroom is easy to install with less dirt. Since panels are screwed, they may be assembled numerous times. This, in turn, makes it possible to change the strongroom’s location.



Usage suggestions:

  • Storage of valuable items in retail (jewellery, electronics, etc)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Gun storage
  • Money counting room
  • ‘Panic-room’ in a living of office environment
  • Temporary storage during fair trades and expositions

Product discription:

  • Panel thickness: 43 mm (double walled)
  • Panel width: 400-500 mm
  • Standard color: light grey (RAL 7035)
  • Certified according to EN 1143-1 grade 1 (ECB.S)

We can also offer multiple options on strongrooms, like special openings for mechanical ventilation, cable holes or emergency exits in the ceiling or walls. The door could also be made with a mechanical blocking on the inside or a key pad on the in- and outside on the door.

Strongrooms are also available in grades III and V (according to EN 1143-1).

Please find a video about building a strongroom here.

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