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Creone ValueBox Expansion

Burglary resistant according to:
This item does not have a burglary resistant classification.

All ValueBoxes are flexible and can be easily adapted to your needs. Start with storage for a few compartments and then expand in step with the growing need. Basic and System can be expanded to up to 96 compartments connected to a main cabinet by using Expansion cabinets.
Art. nr. Model External measurements
h x w x d (mm)
Weight (kg) In stock
142115001 ValueBox 7002 E 460 x 745 x 285 20
142115101 ValueBox 7003 E 460 x 745 x 285 20
142115201 ValueBox 7004 E 460 x 745 x 285 20
142115301 ValueBox 7005 E 460 x 745 x 285 20
142115401 ValueBox 7006 E 460 x 745 x 285 20
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